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Distributor of Victron for over 20 years

Publisert 27.11.2023

Anda-Olsen is one of the few distributors in Norway that directly supplies Victron products to installers.

- We have been a Victron distributor longer than many of the employees working here. Victron has simply become part of the identity of Anda-Olsen, says Øyvind Strømsheim, Sales Manager at Anda-Olsen.

Selling Victron to Installers

The number of distributors for Victron is limited, serving as the intermediary between Victron and installers.

- Anda-Olsen does not sell Victron products to individuals but to installers who assist both businesses and individuals in preparing the products for use. This ranges from large ships and facilities to cabins and campers, Øyvind explains.

And Anda-Olsen has been doing this for well over 20 years.

Seamless Integration

Victron, headquartered in the Netherlands, has been designing and distributing power conversion and energy management equipment since 1975.

They specialize in chargers, inverters, DC/DC converters, and solar panel charge regulators. Additionally, they have sophisticated control systems for all their products.

- Victron has a complete ecosystem that ensures seamless integration between the products. The devices communicate with each other and can be connected to a central control unit, allowing everything to be managed from a mobile device or browser, Øyvind explains.

With a five-year warranty and well-developed products with necessary certifications, Øyvind understands why Victron products are so popular.

- Victron is at the forefront of developing new products and solutions. In addition, they deliver very good products that can be used by a wide range of industries, as well as by individuals, Øyvind says.

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Knowledge and Support

Being a Victron distributor requires meeting several criteria, including the company's technical knowledge and support.

- We help many people find the right products and calculate what the various end customers need. In addition, we ensure that the system is scalable so that it can also meet future needs, Øyvind unveils, adding an example:

- Over the past year, we have received many questions about solar energy and battery storage due to high electricity prices, where we have assisted in calculating the amount of battery and solar panel needed for various projects.

Victron Remote Assistance

A method often used by Anda-Olsen for support is what they call remote assistance.

All Victron products can be connected to a free online portal where you can monitor and control the components and the entire system.

- This allows us at Anda-Olsen to be at the office and work on a ferry going to Sweden or a cabin area in northern Norway. This way, we can help wherever in the world Victron products are installed, Øyvind explains.

Short Delivery Time

As a distributor, Anda-Olsen has a large inventory of ready-to-deliver Victron products. Additionally, they have close ties with the headquarters, resulting in a short delivery time.

- Victron is a great supplier to deal with. It's very easy for us to obtain products we don't have in stock since we receive deliveries from the main warehouse twice a week, Øyvind shares.

Here you can see all the products from Victron in Anda-Olsen's online store.