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New Quality Manager Appointed at Anda-Olsen

Publisert 19.01.2024

Regine Bruteig assumed the role of Quality Manager at Anda-Olsen on January 1st.

Bringing a wealth of diverse work experience from the municipal sector, Bruteig's expertise in structuring and ensuring quality, particularly as a recent project manager for municipal division in Ålesund municipality, enriches Anda-Olsen.

ISO Certifications

Transitioning from various roles in the municipal sector, Bruteig finds excitement in joining the private sector. She emphasizes her motivation, stating, "It inspires me that Anda-Olsen contributes to securing critical infrastructure, where interruptions in power supply can have significant consequences."

Looking forward, Bruteig's task is to facilitate the company's ISO certification in quality, environment, and health and safety (HMS). Achieving this certification is crucial for securing desired contracts, and she notes, "Certification requires teamwork. I look forward to getting to know the organization and, together with the team, finding the most effective ways to achieve our goals."

Crucial for Further Growth

Expressing enthusiasm for participating in Anda-Olsen's ongoing development, Regine aims to become an integral part of the company's ambitious growth. Anda-Olsen is committed to strengthening its focus on quality and sustainability, and they are pleased that Regine has accepted the responsibility of leading their quality work. Jon Kjærstad, CEO of Anda-Olsen AS, emphasizes, "The hiring is crucial for the company's continued scaling and growth."