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Crucial Battery Backup for Avalanche Safety

Publisert 28.12.2023

Anda-Olsen recently attained a significant achievement in the tender competition hosted by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

The resulting framework agreement, exceeding 5 million Norwegian kroner, underscores Anda-Olsen's pivotal role in ensuring a secure power supply. Øyvind Strømsheim, Anda-Olsen's sales manager, expressed pride in being selected as the preferred supplier for crucial battery solutions.

NVE's Partnership with Anda-Olsen

NVE has strategically enhanced its capabilities through a new framework agreement with Anda-Olsen. This collaboration focuses on battery solutions for mountain avalanche monitoring systems, addressing both facility replacements and new installations.

NVE plays a central role in shaping Norway's sustainable energy landscape. Operating under the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, NVE actively manages Norway's water and energy resources, engaging in open dialogues with local communities to ensure stakeholders receive essential information.

Components Vital for Avalanche Monitoring

The delivery from Anda-Olsen includes an array of essential components - autonomous battery solutions, packs, solar regulators, chargers and inverters. 

These components play a critical role in effective mountain avalanche monitoring, an increasingly vital task given the growing threats of floods and avalanches.

Criteria Defining the Selection

Anda-Olsen's selection as the preferred supplier by NVE (the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) is grounded in several factors outlined in the award documents. These include superior compliance with requirements, improved communication options, flexible connections, relevant references and a robust service apparatus.

Track Record and Innovation

Anda-Olsen's past projects, like the off-grid system atop the mountain Dalsnibba (1476 meter above sea levels), showcase its ability to operate in remote and challenging environments. This experience aligns seamlessly with the needs of NVE, where monitoring systems are often situated in steep mountainsides and alpine areas. Furthermore, compatibility with recognized brands, such as Victron, is exemplified through innovative projects like the world's first self-driving ferry, Zeabuz.

Crafting Norway's Energy Future

The collaboration between Anda-Olsen and NVE underscores the roles both entities play in shaping Norway's sustainable energy future. From securing critical infrastructure to ensuring efficient energy systems, NVE's multifaceted mission aligns seamlessly with Anda-Olsen's commitment to innovation and excellence.

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