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UPS Service for Every Location

Publisert 26.09.2023

With our global service concept, you can efficiently have UPS maintenance performed.

All UPS units require regular servicing. The frequency of these services is determined by the supplier. A periodic service includes tasks ranging from checking the environment of the UPS unit to inspecting its electronics and replacing critical components.

This service provides you with a comprehensive overview of your facility's condition, and it helps identify any necessary short-term or long-term actions.

Different Types of UPS Services

The most traditional method of servicing a UPS is to have a technician visit your location to perform maintenance and repair on-site. But what if a UPS is located on a ship with extensive travel days and very few, often hectic, days in port?

In such cases, Anda-Olsen's global service concept, Global Service Access, can be an excellent solution.

What is Global Service Access?

This service concept has been developed in collaboration with maritime professionals to ensure structured and secure UPS maintenance and support worldwide.

The concept involves training and supporting the crew so they can carry out necessary UPS service tasks, no matter where in the world the facility is located.

By having trained personnel on-site to perform maintenance routines, you can be confident that the work will be done quickly and efficiently. You also avoid waiting for service personnel to travel to your location in case of unforeseen events.

With proper training for relevant personnel and access to support from Anda-Olsen's headquarters, you can take the right actions and ensure uninterrupted operations.

How Global Service Access Works

With Anda-Olsen's global service program, you receive:

  • initial training courses for your company
  • annual refresher training as per the agreement
  • condition monitoring of the facility via Anda Cloud
  • skill enhancement wherever you are
  • support and rapid response
  • periodic inspections conducted by Anda-Olsen as needed
  • UPS monitoring and an on-site spare parts inventory

Monitoring of UPS and Own Backup Stock On-Site

As mentioned in the list above, Global Service Access involves connecting the facility to our monitoring solution Anda Cloud. Through this cloud-based monitoring solution, both your company and Anda-Olsen's engineering team will have access to the facility and control over the surroundings where the UPS units are located.

In case of any unforeseen issues, all parties will be immediately alerted and can take action before it becomes a critical situation.

Having access to real-time data on all components of the facility around the clock allows for better predictability and planning of necessary maintenance.

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If the monitoring solution detects that a component needs replacement, everyone with Global Service Access will have access to on-site spare parts.

Through the use of the monitoring service Anda Cloud, the need for resource use during battery replacement is significantly reduced, compared to the alternative. At the same time, downtime is minimized. (The calculations are an estimate.)

More Predictable UPS Service Costs

Global Service Access not only reduces the environmental impact of frequent service trips but also provides your company with more predictable costs and, importantly, a predictable facility lifespan.

You will know in advance what maintenance and repairs will cost, allowing you to plan your financial commitments more reliably. We believe that such a service agreement will result in a lower total cost of ownership (TOC).

Here you can read more about our service concept for UPS.