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What is retrofit of UPS?

Publisert 28.08.2023

Do you have a UPS system that doesn't meet the required standards? Retrofitting might be a good alternative.

In a world where technological advancements happen rapidly, keeping systems and equipment up-to-date can be challenging.

For businesses that rely on uninterrupted power supply, it's essential to ensure that the UPS system is reliable and functioning correctly. But what do you do when the technology becomes outdated, and you're not ready for a complete replacement? The answer may be retrofitting.

Retrofitting of UPS

Retrofitting is simply an upgrade of an existing UPS or UPS system. By performing a retrofit, new technologies or components are implemented to enhance the system's functionality, efficiency, and lifespan.

By renewing UPS systems in this way, you'll have an upgraded system that can meet the requirements of today's UPS systems without having to purchase an entirely new UPS system.

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How a UPS Retrofit Is Done

In the concept of retrofitting, various changes can be made. This ranges from replacing specific parts, adding new functionality, or even completely rebuilding the system, depending on the specific needs.

It's about giving your old UPS system "a new life." Instead of discarding the old system in favor of an entirely new one, retrofitting focuses on smart upgrades to what you've already invested in. This can be both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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When Is Retrofitting Cost-Effective?

Investing in an entirely new UPS may seem like the most appealing solution when facing technological limitations or performance issues with your existing system. However, retrofitting is often a sensible alternative, especially when the current UPS still has a significant remaining lifespan.

Upgrading and modernizing existing components can provide significant savings in both time and money compared to the costs of installing an entirely new system.

Additionally, retrofitting is often better for the environment as it reduces the need for waste and resource consumption.

Experts in UPS Retrofitting

If you want to explore whether your UPS system is a good candidate for retrofitting, it's essential to find the right partner for the job.

Anda-Olsen is not only a leading provider of UPS solutions; we also specialize in retrofitting existing UPS systems. We have the expertise needed to offer tailored solutions that fit your specific requirements.

Whether you need UPS system upgrades for industrial facilities, data centers, or maritime applications, our experienced engineering teams will work closely with you to understand your needs and develop an upgrade plan that aligns with your objectives.

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Would you like to discuss what can specifically be done with your UPS system? Contact us at Anda-Olsen.