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Retrofitting of UPS: 10 Benefits

Publisert 29.08.2023

Are you considering upgrading your UPS system but unsure about the benefits? This list provides you with the answers!

If you have a UPS system that doesn't quite meet today's requirements, but find it too drastic to replace the entire setup, you should take a closer look at what's called UPS retrofitting.

In simple terms, retrofitting is an upgrade of an existing UPS system. Technology evolves rapidly, which can cause UPS systems to not meet the demands for uninterrupted power supply. Retrofitting can then be a cost-effective solution instead of investing in an entirely new UPS system.

Here, you can learn more about what retrofitting is and how it works.

The Key Benefits of UPS Retrofitting

Retrofitting can offer a range of advantages. You can, among other things, achieve:

  • Improved efficiency

  • Increased capacity

  • Better performance

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Advanced monitoring and control capabilities

  • Extended lifespan

  • Reduced downtime

  • An environmentally friendly solution

  • Adaptation to changing needs

  • A tailored solution

Let's take a closer look at each of these points:

Improved Efficiency

Retrofitting UPS systems provides the opportunity to install newer technology and energy-efficient components, which not only enhances the system's efficiency but also contributes to reducing power consumption.

Increased Capacity

By upgrading the UPS system, it becomes better equipped to handle increased power demands or loads, ensuring a more reliable power supply, even during periods of high demand.

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Better Performance

Retrofitting enables the integration of advanced features and protective mechanisms available in newer UPS models. This results in improved performance and reliability of the power supply.

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Reduced Operating Costs

Newer UPS models are designed with a focus on energy efficiency. This can lead to significant cost savings in the long term, including lower electricity bills and reduced maintenance. Retrofitting your existing UPS system can achieve these same cost reductions.

Advanced Monitoring and Control

Through retrofitting, you gain the ability to implement advanced monitoring and control features in your existing UPS system. This includes real-time performance monitoring, battery status, and load conditions. This helps you be better prepared and make informed decisions to manage and optimize your power systems.

Here you can read more about how our monitoring solution Anda Cloud works.

Extended Lifespan

By upgrading and improving existing UPS systems, you can extend the equipment's lifespan and delay the need for a complete replacement. This not only saves costs for the company but also contributes to sustainable resource use.

Reduced Downtime

Upgrading the UPS system through retrofitting can help reduce downtime and ensure continuous operation. A more reliable system with improved performance and capacity can handle power-related issues more effectively.

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Environmentally Friendly Solution

By upgrading existing UPS systems, you reduce the need for producing new equipment. This contributes to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

Adaptation to Changing Needs

Businesses' power requirements can change over time. Retrofitting allows you to adapt the UPS system to meet new demands and ensure it remains optimal for the company's operations.

Tailored Solutions

Through retrofitting, you can customize the UPS system to meet the specific needs and requirements of your business.

Professional providers specializing in UPS system retrofitting will work closely with your company to develop a tailored solution that fits perfectly into your operating environment.

Would you like to find out if retrofitting could be a good solution for your UPS system? We'd be happy to have a talk! Here's how you can get in touch with us at Anda-Olsen.