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Why Maritime Operators Choose Anda Power Solutions

Publisert 20.12.2023

Discover why Anda Power Solutions (APS) is often the preferred choice for uninterruptable power supply (UPS) within the maritime sector.

Maritime industry involves a complex collaboration among various stakeholders to plan, construct, install, own, and operate ships. This sector includes a wide range of expertise, from ship design and shipbuilding to navigation, operations, and maintenance. The synergy among these stakeholders is crucial to ensure a seamless and efficient maritime operation.

In this article, we will explore why these stakeholders prefer Anda-Olsen's unique and tailored UPS solutions, known as Anda Power Solutions (APS).

Ship Designers Appreciate The Logic

From a ship design perspective, Anda Power Solutions provides increased flexibility. The cabinets are compact and seamlessly integrated with other onboard systems.

APS eliminates the need for outdoor installations, and its minimal space requirements make it easy to integrate for ship designers while meeting all necessary requirements.

An additional benefit is the minimal environmental footprint of Anda Power Solutions, in addition to recognition and approval from classification societies and authorities. This not only affirms the solution's quality but also its adherence to the industry's most demanding standards.

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Shipyards Value Quick Installation

Anda Power Solutions is not only easy to integrate with other ship systems, but the solution can also be quickly installed, even at an early stage. This not only streamlines ship production but also allows for any necessary adjustments or customizations.

A significant advantage is that Anda Power Solutions does not require ventilated battery rooms, further simplifying the installation process and reducing the need for complex infrastructure adjustments. This makes the solution not only practical for shipyards but also cost-effective and adaptable for various applications.

Anda Makes Sense to Installers

Anda Power Solutions is delivered as an "all-in-one cabinet." This entails less need for cable pulling, reduced work hours for installers with easy connection and increased precision.

In addition to these benefits, Anda Power Solutions (APS) offers a unique opportunity to expand the system in line with increasing needs. This flexibility is crucial to adapt to changes in requirements and technological advancements over time.

Another strength of APS is that installers only need to deal with one supplier. This not only simplifies the procurement process but also ensures a holistic and seamless integration of components, contributing to reducing potential complications and increasing efficiency during installation and operation.

Shipshape Solutions for Ship Owners

Anda Power Solutions is a world-leading, unique, compact, and efficient solution.

With Anda Power Solutions, ship owners gain access to a flexible system that can be easily expanded. Maintenance of APS is uncomplicated, and access to spare parts is straightforward if the need occurs.

There is also an option for global service, allowing ship owners to receive necessary assistance regardless of where the ship is located.

Piece-of-mind Solution for the Crew

Anda-Olsen's unique "all-in-one cabinets" provide the crew with easy access to the system's components. The fact that Anda Power Solutions is placed indoors significantly contributes to the efficiency of the work.

What the crew perhaps values most is the ability to monitor the uninterruptable power supply. With Anda Cloud monitoring solution, they can always be confident that the APS solution is functioning as it should. In case of any deviations, they will immediately receive alerts via an alarm function, directly on PC and mobile (app).

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