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Why Anda-Olsen should be on your maker's list

Publisert 08.06.2023

We have world-leading solutions and over half a century of expertise under our belt. This allows us to increase the quality and safety of your facility.

To guarantee continuous operation of critical applications, such as automation systems, navigation equipment, data networks, and emergency lighting, you need a backup system you can rely on.

But with challenges like limited space, vibrations, dust, and high temperatures, you need to set extra high requirements for the UPSes that will provide uninterrupted power supply to your project.

Does it sound familiar?

Over 60 years of experience in the maritime industry

Over the course of several decades, our employees have accumulated a significant number of hours navigating tight ship corridors and dealing with other factors typical of the maritime industry. We have bumped our heads against countless pipes and faced one challenge after another in our customers' projects.

The experience we have gained from these years has led us to develop our own tailored products that meet the unique and stringent requirements of the maritime environment.

Today, our UPS products ensure that maritime operators worldwide can operate continuously in a safe manner.

At the bottom of the article, you can read more about some of our UPS deliveries.

UPS for the maritime and offshore industry

Anda Power Solution (APS) is Anda-Olsen's self-developed UPS series. Here you will find UPSes with unique and integrated solutions that are ideal for installation in new buildings as well as operational ships and rigs.

The product series consists of DCPro, ACPro, and FlexiPro. These UPSes are quick to install, have fewer cables, and require minimal space overall.

We have also facilitated easy service access with a service hatch in the front. This way, you can also utilize the space on the sides of the UPS.

Anda Power Solution is used today by ships and rigs worldwide, including Color Line Hybrid, which is the world's largest battery-hybrid passenger ship.

UPS for all types of installations

In addition to the Anda Power Solution series, Anda-Olsen delivers other types of UPSes for installations in various markets.

Anda-Olsen also has unique experience in retrofitting existing systems. By upgrading or retrofitting your UPS systems, you will achieve better efficiency, capacity, and performance. You will also have a more reliable system with advanced monitoring and control capabilities.

Gain full control 24/7 with monitoring

With our monitoring solution, Anda Cloud, you will have full control over your facility no matter where you are.

Anda Cloud monitors and reports on the condition of components and systems, including battery banks, UPSes, and hybrid solutions, in real-time.

The monitoring service provides you with an overview where you can learn everything from battery levels to data about the environment in the room where the facility is located. If a situation requiring supervision arises, the operations manager will be immediately notified.

Here you can read more about Anda Cloud and how you can monitor facilities through the Anda-Olsen app.

Simplified maintenance and service

Service and maintenance of uninterruptible power supplies are important to ensure optimal functionality and increase their lifespan.

But with 24/7 monitoring, you not only have 100% control at all times, but you also have the opportunity to plan and carry out maintenance and service more easily.

Negative influences such as noise, temperature, humidity, and voltage variations can significantly shorten the equipment's lifespan. However, with Anda Cloud, you will be able to see if a component is operating outside its normal state. You will also pinpoint where the deviation is, making it easy to take the necessary actions.

Anda Olsen has also developed a new service concept in collaboration with maritime operators called Global Service Access. Here, we provide training and support to crews worldwide, enabling maritime companies to ensure optimal service and maintenance routines while also achieving predictable costs and reducing the burden of travel.

Here you can read more about how Global Service Access works.

Why Anda-Olsen should be your top choice

With Anda-Olsen as your supplier, you can be sure to receive certified UPSes of high quality and efficiency. We focus on delivering all-in-one systems with a compact and user-friendly design that will provide the necessary security for your facility.

At Anda-Olsen, we also have an engineering team with high technical expertise that can address both major and minor questions that may arise. We also have a service department ready to assist with startup or dispatch anywhere in the world.

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