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Ensuring UPS efficiency: 4 maintenance tips

Published Jan 10 2023

Here's how you can ensure that your uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) work optimally and have increased lifespan.

Battery monitoring through Vessel Insight

Published Dec 21 2022

Integrating Anda Cloud with Kongsberg Digital's Vessel Insight - first up is REM Energy.

Secures radio communication at airports worldwide

Published Dec 14 2022

This customer required a specially developed product that could withstand adverse conditions.

Battery monitoring app: Fewer sleepless nights

Published Nov 17 2022

With Anda Cloud's app for battery monitoring, you can receive an immediate notification on your mobile phone if the battery system is not working properly.

UPS to Havila Voyages ECO-friendly passenger ships

Published Nov 14 2022

The delivery from Anda Olsen will secure critical systems on Havila Voyages new, advanced and modern passenger ships.

UPSes to SalMar's ground-breaking salmon facility

Published Sep 30 2022

SalMar has in Northern Norway built one of the world´s most innovative and modern facilities for landing, harvesting, and processing of salmon.

Supplying UPS to 17 VARD vessels

Published Sep 21 2022

VARD's shipyards will in the forthcoming years build 17 vessels with UPSes from Anda-Olsen to secure their critical installations against power failure.

Meet us at SMM in Hamburg 6-9 September

Published Jul 07 2022

You will find us in hall B7 at stand B7-203 and we are looking forward to meeting you there!

Growing export of UPS solutions

Published Jun 27 2022

With less expensive UPS solutions and faster delivery, Anda-Olsen is seeking to export its in-house developed UPSes to even more international customers.

Kongsberg Digital in partnership with Anda-Olsen

Published Jun 23 2022

Kongsberg Digital´s Kognifai Marketplace is expanding and now includes quality applications and services from Anda-Olsen and three other companies.

UPS from Anda-Olsen certified by DNV GL

Published Nov 02 2021

Anda-Olsen's RT Delta and AC PRO series have been granted type approval certificates by one of the world´s leading certification bodies.

Industrial batteries from Anda-Olsen

Published Sep 29 2021

Anda-Olsen supplies AGM batteries under its own brand. Here is an overview.

Novela prioritises battery technology

Published Aug 19 2021

Anda-Olsen AS is being equipped for continued growth with Vestlandsfondet Novela Kapital I (Novela) as investor.

IoT: Complete control with Anda Cloud monitoring

Published Mar 24 2021

Anda-Olsen develops an advanced system for monitoring the condition of batteries and UPS. This contributes to further safeguarding critical installations.

Successful delivery of 16 UPS systems

Published Nov 26 2020

One of the world's largest drilling companies was in urgent need for an upgrade of the existing obsolete UPS systems in one of their drilling rigs.

Become cost effective with the modular Flexi Pro

Published Mar 09 2020

As a response to one of their customers request, Anda-Olsen developed the Flexi Pro system to include modular components.

APS in the largest battery powered passenger ship

Published Dec 06 2018

APS Flexi-Pro units ensure that critical systems in the world´s largest plug-in hybrid ship operate without interruptions.