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Major Contract with Karstensen Secured

Published May 10 2024

We at Anda-Olsen are proud to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Karstensen Shipyard to supply UPS systems to ten ships.

Anda-Olsen & BRE Digital: advancing Hospital UPS Safety

Published May 06 2024

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is essential in hospitals to maintain vital functions and safety during power outages.

Data Centers + UPS = Reliable Operations

Published Mar 20 2024

- Our commitment to advanced UPSs and monitoring sets a new standard for reliability in data centers, meeting the increasing demand.

Why do you need an UPS?

Published Mar 08 2024

As technology advances and our dependence on electricity increases, a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) may become essential for many in the future.

Anda-Olsen and VIA: Innovating Transport Together

Published Feb 19 2024

We are pleased to announce our membership in VIA, the norwegian cluster dedicated to the development of safe and sustainable transport infrastructure.

Pros and Cons of Lithium Batteries

Published Feb 06 2024

In an era where lithium batteries are becoming increasingly central, it is essential to understand the challenges associated with this technology.

New Quality Manager Appointed at Anda-Olsen

Published Jan 19 2024

Regine Bruteig assumed the role of Quality Manager at Anda-Olsen on January 1st.

Crucial Battery Backup for Avalanche Safety

Published Dec 28 2023

Anda-Olsen recently attained a significant achievement in the tender competition hosted by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

Why Maritime Operators Choose Anda Power Solutions

Published Dec 20 2023

Discover why Anda Power Solutions (APS) is often the preferred choice for uninterruptable power supply (UPS) within the maritime sector.

Fredrik Mordal Hessen: New Head of Sales

Published Dec 07 2023

Fredrik Mordal Hessen has been appointed as the Head of Sales and Business Development at Anda-Olsen AS.

Distributor of Victron for over 20 years

Published Nov 27 2023

Anda-Olsen is one of the few distributors in Norway that directly supplies Victron products to installers.

Our Technical Manager's AC Cobra Dream

Published Oct 11 2023

Having a strong technical aptitude is crucial for building your own car! It took 1500 work hours, but now the dream has finally become a reality.

UPS Service for Every Location

Published Sep 26 2023

With our global service concept, you can efficiently have UPS maintenance performed.

How an Online UPS Works

Published Aug 30 2023

With an online UPS, you get the best protection against power outages and power disturbances.

Retrofitting of UPS: 10 Benefits

Published Aug 29 2023

Are you considering upgrading your UPS system but unsure about the benefits? This list provides you with the answers!

What is retrofit of UPS?

Published Aug 28 2023

Do you have a UPS system that doesn't meet the required standards? Retrofitting might be a good alternative.

How to keep your UPS in top condition

Published Jul 26 2023

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) require regular maintenance to ensure continuous uptime for your critical installations. Here's how to do it!

Anda-Olsen launches its own Lithium batteries

Published Jul 04 2023

There has been a high demand, and now we can finally offer LiFePO4 batteries under our own brand name with qualities we are proud of!

UPS for maritime environment: Here are the requirements

Published Jun 26 2023

How to determine if a UPS is compatible with maritime systems and environments? These checkpoints will help you!

8 Advantages of UPS from Anda Power Solutions (APS)

Published Jun 22 2023

Our self-developed series of UPS can provide your company with the following benefits.

UPS with exceptional efficiency: Riello Multi Power 2

Published Jun 09 2023

Cut down on initial investment and operating expenses with this innovative 3-phase UPS from Riello.

Why Anda-Olsen should be on your maker's list

Published Jun 08 2023

We have world-leading solutions and over half a century of expertise under our belt. This allows us to increase the quality and safety of your facility.

The 4 main advantages of UPS

Published Jun 05 2023

Companies today are increasingly aware of the need for an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to secure their critical installations. Here's why.

Technical seminar: Sustainable maintenance with IoT

Published May 25 2023

How to practice sustainable maintenance using IoT? Join our technical seminar in Hall E to find out!

What happens if a UPS fails?

Published May 15 2023

If a UPS fails, it can have serious consequences. Not only can it lead to damaged equipment and financial loss, it can also pose a risk to health and life.

Express delivery of 96 batteries to emergency center

Published Mar 23 2023

- The swift delivery is more than we could have expected, and it is both impressive and crucial for us in this situation.

3 different types of UPS - these are the differences

Published Mar 02 2023

Standby UPS, Line Interactive UPS, and Online UPS - which one should you choose?

Safe passage for the world's first self-driving ferry

Published Feb 14 2023

The world's first autonomous passenger ferry is set to be launched in Stockholm in 2023, equipped with a custom emergency backup system from Anda-Olsen.

What is a UPS?

Published Jan 20 2023

A UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supply, aims to ensure continuous power supply to critical installations.

Ensuring UPS efficiency: 4 maintenance tips

Published Jan 10 2023

Here's how you can ensure that your uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) work optimally and have increased lifespan.

Battery monitoring through Vessel Insight

Published Dec 21 2022

Integrating Anda Cloud with Kongsberg Digital's Vessel Insight - first up is REM Energy.

Secures radio communication at airports worldwide

Published Dec 14 2022

This customer required a specially developed product that could withstand adverse conditions.

Battery monitoring app: Fewer sleepless nights

Published Nov 17 2022

With Anda Cloud's app for battery monitoring, you can receive an immediate notification on your mobile phone if the battery system is not working properly.

UPS to Havila Voyages ECO-friendly passenger ships

Published Nov 14 2022

The delivery from Anda Olsen will secure critical systems on Havila Voyages new, advanced and modern passenger ships.

UPSes to SalMar's ground-breaking salmon facility

Published Sep 30 2022

SalMar has in Northern Norway built one of the world´s most innovative and modern facilities for landing, harvesting, and processing of salmon.

Supplying UPS to 17 VARD vessels

Published Sep 21 2022

VARD's shipyards will in the forthcoming years build 17 vessels with UPSes from Anda-Olsen to secure their critical installations against power failure.

Meet us at SMM in Hamburg 6-9 September

Published Jul 07 2022

You will find us in hall B7 at stand B7-203 and we are looking forward to meeting you there!

Growing export of UPS solutions

Published Jun 27 2022

With less expensive UPS solutions and faster delivery, Anda-Olsen is seeking to export its in-house developed UPSes to even more international customers.

Kongsberg Digital in partnership with Anda-Olsen

Published Jun 23 2022

Kongsberg Digital´s Kognifai Marketplace is expanding and now includes quality applications and services from Anda-Olsen and three other companies.

UPS from Anda-Olsen certified by DNV GL

Published Nov 02 2021

Anda-Olsen's RT Delta and AC PRO series have been granted type approval certificates by one of the world´s leading certification bodies.

Industrial batteries from Anda-Olsen

Published Sep 29 2021

Anda-Olsen supplies AGM batteries under its own brand. Here is an overview.

Novela prioritises battery technology

Published Aug 19 2021

Anda-Olsen AS is being equipped for continued growth with Vestlandsfondet Novela Kapital I (Novela) as investor.

Complete control with Anda Cloud monitoring

Published Mar 24 2021

Anda-Olsen develops an advanced system for monitoring the condition of batteries and UPS. This contributes to further safeguarding critical installations.

Successful delivery of 16 UPS systems

Published Nov 26 2020

One of the world's largest drilling companies was in urgent need for an upgrade of the existing obsolete UPS systems in one of their drilling rigs.

Flexi Pro's modular system ensure safe operations

Published Mar 09 2020

As a response to one of their customers request, Anda-Olsen developed the Flexi Pro system to include modular components.

APS in the largest battery powered passenger ship

Published Dec 06 2018

APS Flexi-Pro units ensure that critical systems in the world´s largest plug-in hybrid ship operate without interruptions.